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“Lisa has been a HUGE help to me with regard to eating healthier and educating me, not only about things I put into my body, but the things I apply to my body as well. Growing up Italian, I am a HUGE pasta/carb fan and Lisa has helped me to learn how to eat in moderation, combine the best foods, and how to eat clean and healthy. When I started gaining weight and could not lose it no matter what I did, I contacted Lisa and we had our first consultation. She was very patient and took her time with me and educated me on organic eating. We talked in great detail and once she reviewed my food diary, Lisa gave me suggestions and recipes to follow. I not only lost the weight I had been struggling to lose but I also lost MORE weight and have maintained that now for 6 months and counting! Whenever I was discouraged or had questions, Lisa was available to encourage me and offer suggestions. I can’t thank her enough for all she has taught me and now I actually take the time to read the labels and choose my food options more carefully. I have even gone as far as feeding my dog fruits and veggies which has helped his stomach issues as well.”

Thanks Lisa !!!

Concetta T.

I’m so thankful to have met my nutritionist, Lisa last year. Since we met, my life has been amazing. My family has benefited from a healthy diet full of clean organic foods. She created an organized plan for success by having me set no more than three goals each time we met. Since my first consultation, I have lost 5.8 pounds with healthy, clean eating. Lisa is extremely personable and has become a friend. She is always available via the Healthie app and she always has amazing tips and tricks on grocery shopping on a budget. She’s a great listener and very professional. Ultimately, I love the encouragement and accountability she provides. I don’t know why I didn’t meet her sooner!

Loida H.

Lisa Rudi has changed my life for the better….. made me realize life change is important and that the transition may be slow but it is the best way ……. she is always available to answer questions or make suggestions….. she is the best !!!!

Anthony F.

Highly recommended! My body has felt a huge difference since learning the right things to eat! The foods that I thought were healthy, wasn’t so healthy. Love the goals that was set for me, and by following them, it has had a huge impact on my lifestyle for the better! Very helpful and goes above and behinds for clients!

Brandon J.

Lisa has been a true godsend for me. I had a baby and was a little lost on how to attain my weight loss goals while breastfeeding. She helped me make the right changes to lose weight safely and effectively. I am already down 5 pounds ! I definitely recommend Lisa if your looking to change your life and become healthy All around.

Angela P.

Hi everyone! I met with Lisa a few months ago. I was tired of doing all the FAD diets and always gaining the weight right back . I needed to learn from a professional what mistakes I was making. Lisa gave me so much information in our 2 visits together I am now down 19.5 lbs in 2 months. I look forward to our next appointment to learn even more about how we use Food to Nourish our bodies . Thank you Lisa for giving me the tools I needed to get motivated and for all your encouragement and support 😊You are amazing and truly great at what you do 😘

Alexis B.

I knew after having survived breast cancer that I needed to change how I ate. Saw her on Facebook and gave her a call. I loved the fact that she came to my home. We had an awesome meeting where she showed me apps I could use, buying and eating organic, making small goals for myself and she was an excellent listener. I”m so happy I connected with her. Great job Lisa!!!!

Cheryl B.

Lisa spent 3 hours with myself and my wife. Mainly for me, she explained everything from A to Z on what I should be eating compared to what I have been eating. She went thru all my meds and blood work and told me what I should I do to regulate my blood counts and what I can do to reduce some of my meds. And suggested some supplements that I could take.

Bambop B.

Lisa of Nourish Philly has been helping my husband and I for several months, teaching us to read labels and cook more healthy meals with substitutes for the unhealthy carbs. She has been a great help as we both dropped a size! Also has provided meal ideas so give her a chance, she is very educated and dedicated.

Deborah R.

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